Project Greenland

Project Greenland

Back in 2010, Aeronigma had an opportunity to headman a mining exploration project in one of the most remote locations on our globe: Greenland.  This project was going to require equipment from all over the world to be delivered on time to the exploration site, while working on a cost-sensitive budget.

We at Aeronigma managed to put our logistical expertise to the test and run a full-scale global mobilization, with cargo coming from Europe, Asia, Australia, and other parts of North America. The goods were slated to connect in Canada, where we consolidated them and began stage 2 of the process.

Having all the freight together in one location now, things became easy! Aeronigma shipped all of the goods via Ocean Freight up to 78 degrees latitude in Norway, where the cargo was then broken down again and prepared for air travel.

The terrain in Greenland that was being explored was rugged and covered in sheets of ice, usually making things difficult for air travel; however, Aeronigma had overseen the construction of a landing strip on a frozen fjord sitting at 83.1 degrees. We also developed an instrumentation landing approach in order to successfully fly the goods from Norway to their end destination in Greenland.

This was one of Aeronigma’s first projects after it’s inception as a company. With all the complex logistical obstacles that presented themselves, we were able to bring everything to its end destination on time & under budget. We have set out to accomplish every challenge that presents itself in the same manner. Our goal as a company is to ensure your goods arrive on time and under budget, no matter the circumstances. That is an Aeronigma staple.

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